2022 | publications

Matthias Mehlhose, Guillermo Marcus, Daniel Schäufele, Daniyal Amir Awan, Nikolaus Binder, Martin Kasparick, Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Sławomir Stańczak, Alexander Keller
"GPU-accelerated partially linear multiuser detection for 5G and beyond URLLC systems" - HHI 
IEEEAccess, June 2022


C. Han, Y. Wang, Y. Li, Y. Chen, N: A. Abbasi, T. Kürner, A. F. Molisch
"Terahertz Wireless Channels: A Holistic Survey on Measurement, Modeling, and Analysis" - TU Braunschweig
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 2022


Szymon Szott, Katarzyna Kosek-Szott, Piotr Gawłowicz, Jorge Torres Gómez, Boris Bellalta, Anatolij Zubow and Falko Dressler
"Wi-Fi Meets ML: A Survey on Improving IEEE 802.11 Performance with Machine Learning"- ccs-labs
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 2022


Sebastian Kühl, Lars E. Kruse, Stephan Pachnicke
"56 Gbaud PAM-4 Transmission Equalization using Implicitly Masked Parallel Micro-Ring Resonator Reservoir Computing”- HHI 
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), June 2022


Jorge Torres Gómez, Maximo Morales-Céspedes, Musbah Shaat, Ana I. Pérez Neira and Ana García Armada
"Power and Bandwidth Allocation based on Age of Information metrics in Satellite Uplink Channels"- HHI 
Proceedings of 21st IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON 2022), Palermo, Italy, June 2022


Alper Schultze, Wilhelm Keusgen, Michael Peter, Taro Eichler
"Observations on the Angular Statistics of the Indoor Sub-THz Radio Channel at 158 GHz"- HHI / TU / R&S
IEEE AP-S/URSI, Denver, Colorado, USA, 2022;


K. Komuro, M. Yukawa, R. L. G. Cavalcante
"Distributed Sparse Optimization with Weakly Convex Regularizer: Consensus Promoting and Approximate Moreau Enhanced Penalties towards Global Optimality"- HHI
IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks


K. Komuro, M. Yukawa, R. L. G. Cavalcante
"Distributed Sparse Optimization Based on Minimax Concave and Consensus Promoting Penalties: Towards Global Optimality"- HHI
Proc. European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 2022


Lorenzo Miretti, Renato L.G. Cavalcante, Slawomir Stanczak, Martin Schubert, Ronald Böhnke, Wen Xu
"Closed-form max-min power control for some cellular and cell-free massive MIMO networks"- TUB / HHI
VTC 2022 Spring, Helsinki, Finland, 19 - 22 June 2022


Vincent Ulitzsch, Shinjo Park, Soundes Marzougui, Jean-Pierre Seifert
"A Post-Quantum Secure Subscription Concealed Identifier for 6G"- TUB
15th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec 2022), May 2022


Andreas Pfadler, Peter Jung, Vlerar Shala, Martin Kasparick, Marc Adrat, Slawomir Stanczak
"Short-Term Prediction of Doubly-Dispersive Channels for Pulse-Shaped OTFS using 2D-ConvLSTM"- HHI / TUB
IEEE ICC 2022, Seoul, South Korea, May 2022


Kai Li, Wei Ni, Harrison Kurunathan and Falko Dressler
"Data-driven Deep Reinforcement Learning for Online Flight Resource Allocation in UAV-aided Wireless Powered Sensor Networks"- TUB
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2022), Seoul, South Korea, May 2022


Andreas Pfadler, Tom Szollmann, Peter Jung, Slawomir Stanczak
"Leakage Suppression in Pulse-Shaped OTFS Delay-Doppler-Pilot Channel Estimation"- HHI / TUB
WCL, IEEE, March 2022


Diab, A. Krishnamoorthy, and R. Schober
Precoding and decoding schemes for downlink MIMO-RSMA with simultaneous diagonalization and user exclusion” - FAU

IEEE ICC Workshop, March 2022 - Rate-Splitting Multiple Access for 6G at the International Conference on Communications | Paper


X. Yuan, G. Sun, Y. Hu, L. Wu, H. Wang, A. Schmeink
"UAV Trajectory Design on Completion Time Minimization of WPT Task in UAV-Enabled Multi-User Network"- RWTH Aachen
ICC Workshop, 2022


X. Yuan, H. Jiang, Y. Hu, A. Schmeink
"Joint Analog Beamforming and Trajectory Planning for Energy-Efficient UAV-Enabled Nonlinear Wireless Power Transfer" - RWTH Aachen
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2022


Han Yu, Xinping Yi, Guiseppe Caire
"Downlink Precoding for DP-UPA FDD Massive MIMO via Multi-Dimensional Active Channel Sparsification" - TUB
IEEE Xplore, Information Theory (cs.IT); Signal Processing (eess.SP), 2022


Piotr Gawłowicz, Anatolij Zubow and Falko Dressler
"Wi-Lo: Emulation of LoRa using Commodity 802.11b WiFi Devices" - TUB
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2022), Seoul, South Korea, May 2022

Giuseppe Caire
"Topological Pilot Assignment in Large-Scale Distributed MIMO Networks" - TU
published on IEEE Xplore, The paper appears in: IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, On page(s): 1-15


Bile Peng, Yuhang Xie, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Henk Wymeersch, and Eduard A. Jorswieck
„Communication Scheduling by Deep Reinforcement Learning for Remote Traffic State Estimation with Bayesian Inference“ - TU Braunschweig
Paper, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


Matthias Mehlhose, Guillermo Marcus, Daniel Schäufele, Daniyal Amir Awan, Nikolaus Binder, Martin Kasparick, Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Slawomir Stanczak, Alexander Keller
"Real-Time GPU-Accelerated Machine Learning Based Multiuser Detection for 5G and Beyond" - Fraunhofer HHI
Article in a Journal, IEEEAccess, IEEE Xplore, p. 5, open access, March 2022, https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.05024

Vahid Jamali, George C. Alexandropoulos, Robert Schober, H. Vincent Poor
„Low-to-Zero-Overhead IRS Reconfiguration: Decoupling Illumination and Channel Estimation“ - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
IEEE Communications Letters 2022 | Paper

X. Yuan, Y. Hu, M. Li, Z. Chang, A. Schmeink
„Optimal Design for UAV-Assisted Energy Constrained Communication: Joint Power Control and Continuous Trajectory Design“ - RWTH Aachen
IEEE ICC | Paper

S. Waldmann, F. Gerfers
„An OFDM-based Ranging and Communication System Design using Digital IQ-Modulation and 52 GS/s Direct-RF Data Converter“ - TUB
IEEE ISCAS 2022 | Paper

R. Raghunath, B. Peng, K. Besser and E. Jorswieck
„Reinforcement Learning-Based Global Programming for Energy Efficiency in Multi-Cell Interference Networks“ - TU Braunschweig
IEEE ICC 2022 | Paper

Pin-Hsun Lin, Shih-Chun Lin, Peng-Wei Chen, Marcel Mross, and Eduard A.
„Rate Region of Gaussian Broadcast Channels with Heterogeneous Blocklength Constraints“ - TU Braunschweig
IEEE ICC 2022 | Paper

E. Recayte
„Coded Caching at the Edge of Satellite Networks“- DLR
IEEE ICC 2022 and includes the acknowledge to 6G-RIC | Paper

Ding, D. Xu, R. Schober and H. Vincent Poor
"Hybrid NOMA Offloading in Multi-User MEC Networks” - FAU
IEEE 2022, Transactions on Wireless Communications | Paper

2021 | publications

ZoranUtkovski, PatrickAgostini, IgorBjelakovic, MatthiasFrey, Slawomir Stanczak
Semantic Security Based Secrecy Maps for Vehicular Communications - HHI / TUB
WSA 2021 - 25th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas | Paper


G. George, S. Roy, S. Raghunandan, C. Rohde and T. Heyn
„5G New Radio in Nonlinear Satellite Downlink: A Physical Layer Comparison with DVB-S2X“ - Fraunhofer IIS
2021 IEEE 4th 5G World Forum (5GWF) | Paper


Zhu, Y. Hu, A. Schmeink, J. Gross
"Energy Minimization of Mobile Edge Computing Networks with HARQ in the Finite Blocklength Regime" – RWTH AACHEN
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Dec. 2021 | Paper